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Disclaimer: None of the information provided here should be considered as financial advice. We are not financial advisors and the sole purpose of information given in our documentation, pitch deck and website are there to explain how BattleMancers ecosystem is planned to work. The NFTs in BattleMancers Genesis collection are not securities but collectibles. All the associated in-game assets such as tokens, loot boxes, consumable items and cards are designed to make these BattleMancers Genesis collection more attractive for the users; however, none of these assets promise a financial return and they should not be considered as securities either.


BattleMancers Genesis NFT collection is formed of 3333 unique collectibles with six different races; Humans, Orcs, Elves, Demons, Dragonkin and Death Knights. The collection also has its own game called BattleMancers. BattleMancers is a play-to-earn game built in Unity and integrated to blockchain via Ethereum Network. The game is multiplayer with a real time strategy, tower defense genre. The project aims to develop a game that can accommodate web2 and web3 players simultaneously without actually diluting the rewards & investments of NFT owners.
This whitepaper is designed to provide information in 3 main categories: 1. Six underlying assets in BattleMancers ecosystem:
(1) BattleMancers Genesis NFT Collection (2) BattleMancers Gem - The main token (3) BattleMancers Coin - The secondary token (4) Lootboxes (5) Cards (6) Consumable items
2. Roadmap
(1) Breakdown of items in the yearly plan and detailed explanation of the progress made. (2) Mint Details
3. Game mechanics
(1) PvP Model (2) Experience Model (3) Card Fusion (4) P2E (5) Shop
4) On-chain Mechanics
(1) NFT Staking (2) NFT Leasing
This whitepaper will be updated as the project progresses and achieves the steps on the Roadmap.
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