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Experience Model

Experience and profile level is another critical part of the BattleMancers ecosystem.
Experience has two roles:
(1) Incentivize players to spend their in-game earnings in the game (2) Provide greater rewards for those levelling up their profile
In other words, experience is there to incentivize progression and deck upgrades.

How to earn XP

The only way to earn XP is by Card Fusion. This will burn low level cards and some BTMC as well as consumable charms.

What is the benefit of levelling up?

When players level up, they will start earning better quality lootboxes from PvP. This will unlock much greater rewards.

Do I always earn high tier lootboxes after levelling up?

No, the levels last for the season (2-3 months) you are playing it. After that point on, new type of rewards will be unlocked and players will need level up again to unlock high tier lootboxes. This model will ensure that only active players will keep earning the greatest rewards from the game.