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Lootboxes in BattleMancers ecosystem is the main reward for winning a PvP match. These lootboxes are NFTs with ERC-1155 standard. The reason why we preferred the 1155 standard instead of 721 is because of the gas fees on Ethereum Network. ERC-1155 allows NFTs to be stacked on each other; in other words, they can be minted or traded in bulk. Thus, players would not have to pay a gas fee each time they want to sell or buy a lootbox, which would make the on-chain transactions a lot more user friendly and affordable. NFTs with ERC-1155 standard is also tradable on Opensea just like ERC-721.

Lootbox Tiers

There are four tiers of Lootboxes that can be earned from the game. These lootboxes are rewarded according to season level of players:
Lootbox Tiers
Higher tier lootboxes yield much greater rewards both in BTMC, Cards, and consumable items. With higher tiers, rewards are not only increased in quantity but also in quality.
Accessing higher levels is only possible through Card Fusion mechanic of the game. Read Experience Model section for further details.

Lootbox Rewards

There are tree type of rewards from lootboxes: (1) BattleMancer Coin (BTMC) (2) Cards (3) Consumable items
Lootboxes (ERC-1155) and BTMC (ERC-20) can be minted to blockchain, but rest of the rewards can only be used in-game. We have plans to allow the minting of Cards and Consumable items at a later stage of the project.
All rewards can be acquired by free-to-play or play-to-earn players alike; however, they can only be minted to blockchain by the holders of BattleMancers Genesis collection. Those who does not possess an NFT would need to buy or rent one before being able to mint their rewards