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BattleMancers Genesis

BattleMancers Genesis is an NFT collection 3333 unique characters consisting of 6 different races; Humans, Orcs, Elves, Demons, Dragonkin, Death Knights.

The Art

The art of BattleMancers is completely original and produced by our in-house designers. The collection is actually big enough to present 6 different collections. Each race has their own specific features and legendary lords.
BattleMancers Genesis Characters


The collection is not supposed to serve as a mere profile picture either. In fact, there is a whole P2E ecosystem built to make this collection more valuable. BattleMancers Genesis characters will be representing their holders as the commanders of their armies in the game "BattleMancers", a play-to-earn game built in Unity and integrated to blockchain via Ethereum Network.
The collection offers several utilities for its holders:
(1) Minting Rights: The most important utility of BattleMancers Genesis NFTs is to allow their holders to unlock play-to-earn features in the game. Everyone can play our game, but only those with a BattleMancer can mint what they earn and liquidate it on blockchain. That also brings along some tough decisions: will you open your lootboxes or sell them to others?
(2) Scholarships: We understand that many investors might not be gamers themselves or they might not have the time to play a game. BattleMancers Genesis NFTs can be leased to other players allowing P2E fans to earn from the game while the original owner of the NFT can make a passive income in the process.
(3) Staking: Our game has two currencies, BattleMancers Gem (BTMG) and BattleMancers Coin (BTMC). These tokens have a vital role to in the game economy. Both tokens can be earned by NFT holders via staking, and then, these tokens can be used in the game and/or exchanged in a DEX. Please check further details in NFT Staking
(4) Avatars: We have cute, serious, terrifying and mysterious BattleMancers. These are the NFTs representing you in the game as the commander of your armies. Having a BattleMancer NFT will allow players to set their profile avatar as their NFTs and intimidate their foes.
(5) Special Lootboxes: Who does not like some unexpected gifts and airdrops? BattleMancer NFT holders will be receiving periodical rewards from the game as well as having access to new NFTs coming out after our genesis collection.
(6) DAO: Since these NFTs are the most valuable asset in the game, they will also have voting powers to take decisions about the future of the project.
(7) Access to eSports Tournaments: BattleMancers genesis will be organizing its own eSports league with great rewards. NFT holders will have a guaranteed spot to access these tournaments.
(8) Alpha and Collaborations: As a team, we will be seeking out partnership opportunities after the launch, and any opportunities we find will be shared with our NFT holders.

How to get one

The minting price of BattleMancers Genesis will be 0.077 ETH, and the collection will be released on Sep 7, 7pm UTC, 2022.
However, not everyone is allowed to buy one. The NFT sale will not be a public one, and users will need to get their ETH addresses whitelisted in order to participate in the private sale. Having a whitelist spot will ensure that when the mint day comes, you can buy one from the launch price. There are a few ways to get a whitelist spot:
(1) Join the raffle in Premint: Premint registers users for a raffle. If you are lucky, your ETH address will be whitelisted for the private sale. Go to the link and follow the steps:
(2) Follow us on twitter: To celebrate each milestone in our project, we are giving away whitelist spots on twitter.
Example Giveaway Tweet
(3) Hold an NFT from our partner projects: We will be having collaboration giveaways. Are you already an NFT holder? Let us know which community you belong to and maybe we will collaborate with them as well!
(4) Check Discord announcements: We will be organizing a series of events to reward our community not only with whitelists but also with free drops. If you do not want to miss these opportunities, join Discord now:
(5) Join us in our journey: Do you have some skills, resources or connections that can help BattleMancers grow? Contact us on Discord and we would be happy to reserve some whitelists spots for your contribution.
(6) Join our Call of Duty tournament Those participating in the tournament will be given WL spots regardless of their performance. Check Sector GG channel on our Discord for details.