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BattleMancer Coin (BTMC)

Token Distribution

BTMC is the secondary token in the ecosystem with an infinite supply. Our team will only mint a small amount to provide the initial liquidity and the rest of the BTMC will be minted from the game. Staking for BTMC will also be possible but the source of these tokens will be coming from taxation when a player decides to mint and sell his/her tokens. Thus, the amount tokens available for staking rewards will be dynamically changing.


BTMC Utilities
Where to get BTMC
BTMC can be earned from multiple sources.
(1) Lootboxes is the main source of this token and they are rewarded to winning players after each match.
(2) Season Pass will also reward lootboxes and BTMC.
(3) Trophy Rewards are for players who are statistically winning more matches than they lose. For example, winning a match will reward the player 20 trophies while losing will take away 25. Thus, in order to reach a higher amount of trophies, the player will need to perform better than others in PvP.
Trophy Rewards
(4) Staking is not mentioned in the visual presentation because there will be no tokens minted for the purpose of staking. BTMC is an ERC-20 token that can be minted from the game and sold in a DEX. Thus, if a player decides to take this token out of the game ecosystem, there will a fee for doing this. The collected fees will be sent to a staking pool for the NFT owners.
Utility Breakdown
(1) Card Fusion is the most important utility of BTMC. Lootboxes will reward players with upgradable cards. In order to upgrade a card, the player will need to collect 3 cards with same type and same level.
For example; to have a Level 2 Skeleton, the player will need to fuse 3x Level 1 Skeletons and pay a fee of BTMC. As the level of the card increases, the BTMC fee will also increase keeping a constant demand for the secondary token.
Card fusion has a critical role in the game because this is the only place players can earn XP and level up. Without leveling up, the rewards for earned in the game will be of minimum value because low level profiles will only earn low level lootboxes.
Card Fusion
(2) Daily Offers are another utility for BTMC. Since lootboxes give random cards, players might need a specific card for card fusion. You might need a 3rd Dragon but the RNG might not be on your side. In such cases, you will be able to pick up different cards from the shop with your BTMC. The offers will be changing everyday giving you a good chance to collect the card you need. On some special occasions, the shop might have offers for consumable items as well.
(3) Slot Expansion is a critical feature of the game. Unlocking loot-box slots will only be available for BTMG, but players will be able to expand their card inventory, deck slots and consumable item inventory using BTMC. The need for expanding your inventory may arise when you have too many cards but you do not have the necessary combinations or resources to fuse them.
(4) Cosmetics are for those who like the RPG elements and their appearance in the game. Players will be given options to buy limited amount of cosmetic skins to change the appearance of their avatars, towers, troops, buildings and spells.