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Card Fusion

Players will have the option to fuse their cards to obtain stronger ones. The mechanics for card fusion is quite simple: pick three of the same cards with same level and fuse them. Fusion will not only give you a stronger card to use against your opponents, but also will provide you with experience points which will unlock additional rewards in season pass as well as rewarding you with higher tier lootboxes from PvP.
An example of Card Fusion can be seen in the picture below.
Card Fusion
An example:
In order to have a level 2 Skeleton, you would need to collect 3x Level 1 Skeletons and pay some BTMC and pray that it will not fail.
And yes, fusion has a risk of failure which could lead to the destruction of fused cards. To avoid or to lessen the risk of failure, you can use charms.
Other Details:
*Card fusion is the only means to earn experience and level up in the game. Higher level profiles will unlock much greater rewards than those not investing in their cards. *Maximum card level is 14 for all rarity types. *As you fuse higher level cards, you will have higher risk of failure and higher cost of BTMC. *Charms can lessen the risk of failure, or they can remove it completely if you use higher tier charms. *Each time you upgrade a card, its stats will increase by 9%. *Fusing does not change the rarity tier of the card; a common card will always stay common. *Failure in fusion will cause you to lose all three cards you used in card fusion.