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Cards are the most important element giving players an edge in PvP.

Card features

There three types of cards in BattleMancers: (1) Troops (2) Spells (3) Buildings
Each card also comes with a rarity. There are 4 types of rarity: (1) Common (grey) - starts as lvl 1 (2) Rare (blue) - starts as lvl 3 (3) Epic (purple) - starts as lvl 6 (4) Legendary (orange) - starts as lvl 9
Lastly, every card will have an energy cost to play. This cost (blue lightning) is usually associated with the strength of the card.
Cards in Deck
All the cards are upgradable in levels but not in rarity. A common card will always stay common but it can be upgraded up to level 14 just like other cards. The energy cost does not change as the cards are levelling up.

Deck strategy

Higher rarity cards does not necessarily beat lower rarity cards because each card has some counters. For example, a maximum level legendary card with melee attack may not be able to kill a low level common air troop because the legendary cannot attack air. Some units are good against fighting single targets while other are good in crowd control and area damage. Higher levels and higher rarity certainly brings some advantages but with poor strategy they do not mean much.

How to get cards

There are a few ways to get cards in the game:
(1) The main source of cards is lootboxes (2) Cards can be bought from the daily deals in shop in exchange for BTMC (3) Cards can be acquired from Season Pass and Trophy Rewards (4) Cards can be acquired from special lootboxes in shop in exchange for BTMG

How to upgrade cards

Cards are upgraded by Card fusion. This mechanic has two obligatory and one optional element:
(1) 3 of same cards (2) BTMC fee (3) Charms (optional)
Please check the Card fusion section for more details