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Yearly Plan

Please note that most of the items on the roadmap are to be achieved throughout our yearly plan. For example, having collaborations and partnerships is not a quarterly effort but for the life time of the project; thus, we are only mentioning the first steps taken in the roadmap. 2022 Q2 ✔️Website: Desktop version is released. Mobile is in development. Extra features for website on the way. ✔️Game Demo: First version of the game is released. ✔️Meeting Advisors: (1) Jordan Charters, CEO of MetaPetz, to help with networking (2) RStudious, a white hat hacker to help with security (3) Bdede, Web3 advisor, Zen Academy Collab Council, NT Outreach ✔️Partnerships/Collabs (1) Whitelist Collaboration with Neo Tokyo Citizens, Flooz, Spectre, WAGMI, Rooniverse, Px Quest, Trophy Hunters, Zerk Pass, Coolman's Universe, VispX, AMNFT, and many more communities!
2022 Q3 ✔️Public Alpha Public Alpha is now open: We are working on PvP servers. ✔️Bug Bounty Program Reporting bugs via google forms is enabled. Token and NFT rewards will be sent to those helping. NFT Sale (Sep 7) TGE (Mid September) NFT Staking (Mid September) Public Beta
2022 Q4 Official game launch with 24 Cards (Season 1) NFT Avatars Referral Program Twitch Events Cosmetic Items Season 2 (New Cards)
2023 Q1 2v2 Matches Guild Creation Guild Events Season 3 (New Cards)