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NFT Staking

BattleMancers Genesis collection will have several different staking options. The first type of staking will be a soft staking which will be available shortly after the mint. Soft staking will continue until official game launch and will be replaced by regular staking after the launch.
(1) Soft Staking
BattleMancers Genesis holders will start earning a fixed amount of BattleMancer Gem (BTMG) tokens daily just by holding their NFTs. These tokens will be claimable after the launch of the game. If holders sell or list their NFTs, they will be forfeiting their accumulated rewards. NFT holders will be able to use their tokens in the game or mint them for trading purposes.
(2) Regular Staking
After the official launch of the game, NFT holders will be able to stake in a smart contract that will distribute them taxes collected by other players. The type of rewards will be in BattleMancer Coin (BTMC).
(3) Play-to-Earn Staking
Last type of staking will be for unlocking play-to-earn rewards. Those who wish to mint their rewards from the game will need to stake in the game contract. This staking will allow players to mint their in-game earnings for a season of the game (3 months). The staked NFTs will be locked for the duration of the season to prevent collecting rewards with multiple accounts.