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PvP Model

The main source of rewards in BattleMancers is lootboxes earned from PvP. As can be seen in the picture below, there is no penalty for losing a match other than losing a few minutes of your time. You can keep trying and perfecting your strategy until you get a win and earn the lootbox.
PvP Model
This does not of course mean unlimited rewards for those playing the game. Instead of limiting rewards with winning or losing, we have limited them by cooldowns. When you earn a lootbox, it will start a long cooldown (12-24h) before you can open it for rewards. And there is a maximum number of 5 lootboxes that can be stored in your inventory. With this model, there will not be instant and aggressive inflation of in-game assets, and also, you will not have to feel upset about losing a match.

Long-term sustainability

PvP model may look unsustainable in the long term since time constraints will not work in the long term. This is why our game model brings the element of card fusion. In order to stay competitive and unlock greater rewards (other than lootboxes), players will need to invest in their decks. This is where everything earned from lootboxes (cards, tokens, consumables) come into play. Card fusion will not only burn some of the cards for good, but also help spending BTMC and consumables in the game. This is still not going to provide an absolutely self-sustainable model, but it will provide more than enough time to integrate additional features in the game and offer new methods to spend in-game assets.
Apart from the inflation control measures, it must be noted that the in-game assets cannot be freely traded on blockchain by everyone. Minting of these assets are only limited to holders of BattleMancers Genesis NFT collection. It means that there cannot be more than 3333 players minting rewards to on-chain. In practice, this number will be much lower for some reasons: (1) Some holders will simply keep the NFTs in their wallets as a collectible (2) Some holders will spend their earnings in the game (3) Some holders will be leasing their NFTs (4) Some holders will be staking their NFTs (5) Some holders will be holding on to their NFTs with the expectation of price appreciation (6) It is likely that some wallets will have multiple NFTs and only play with one to earn rewards from the game.