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To keep things interesting, BattleMancers offers several different ways to earn NFTs and tokens from the game

1. PvP Rewards

Each win in PvP will reward the player with a lootbox, and each lootbox will drop at least 1 common card and some BTMC. Free players can earn cards and tokens from PvP as well but they will not be able to mint them and sell them on blockchain until they own a piece from BattleMancers Genesis collection.

2. Season Pass Rewards

BattleMancers has a "Card Fusing" feature. Players can fuse three of the same cards to obtain an upgraded one. This action will reward the player with "seasonal xp". With enough seasonal XP, players can level up and access to several benefits. One of these benefits are the rewards from season pass.
Season Pass Rewards
Each time the player levels up, the rewards in the season pass will be unlocked as it can be seen in the picture above. Season pass will have free rewards and paid rewards. Everyone can earn the rewards in the Free category while paid rewards will be given to those who would like to buy a season pass in exchange for BattleMancer Gem (BTMG).

3. PvP Ladder Rewards

This is also called Trophy Rewards. All players, including the free-to-play ones, will also be rewarded for their skills in PvP. Each win in PvP will reward the player with trophies. When the player reaches a certain amount of trophies, s/he will be able to unlock trophy rewards as seen in the picture below.
Trophy Rewards

4. Leaderboard Rewards

Leaderboard rewards are the hardest ones to acquire because it is only given to top performing players in the leaderboard at the end of a season. Since it is challenging, the rewards here are given as BattleMancer Gem (BTMG) the main and most valuable token in the ecosystem.

5. Referral Rewards

After the launch of the game, users will be able to generate a link and invite other to play the game. This will provide in-game rewards for both the referrer and the referee.