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Consumable Items

BattleMancers has some consumable items in the game that can be used to get various advantages. In the first version of the game, there will be two types of consumable items: (1) Keys (2) Charms


Keys are really useful items because they can be used to unlock lootboxes immediately instead of waiting for hours, which makes them a really valuable consumable. There will be 4 types of keys in the game: -Wooden Key -Bronze Key -Silver Key -Golden Key These keys will open lootboxes corresponding to their tier (e.g. wooden key for wooden lootbox). Upper tiers of keys will be able to unlock lower tiers of lootboxes as well, so a golden key can open any lootbox while a bronze key can open bronze and wooden lootboxes. Keys will drop from lootboxes with a small chance, and on some occasions, they will be available in shop. If you get one when opening a lootbox, consider yourself lucky.


Charms play a critical role in card fusion. Upgrading your cards and having a stronger deck will help you defeat your opponents and climb the ladder in the leaderboard. However, Card Fusion is not always successful and you might lose your cards if you fail in the process. This is where charms come into play because they will give you extra success chance with your upgrades. There will be four types of charms: (1) Green - Tier 1 (2) Blue - Tier 2 (3) Purple - Tier 3 (4) Orange - Tier 4
Higher tier charms will give you a higher boost in success. If used properly, they can guarantee your chances to have a successful card fusion.
Charms can be bought from shop in special occasions or drop from lootboxes.