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BattleMancer Gem (BTMG)

Main Token

Token Distribution

BattleMancer Gem (BTMG) is the main token of the game with a limited supply of 1,000,000,000. There will be no VCs or private investors holding this token; therefore, we will be effectively preventing the sell pressure after its launch.
Token Metrics


The liquidity for the token will be supplied on Uniswap initially with a pair of Ethereum (BTMG/ETH). We will be using the Ethereum from NFT sale to provide this liquidity.
Vesting & MCAP
Tokens will have a 36 months of vesting schedule. The share of the team and advisors will have a 24 months cliff.
Vesting Schedule


BTMG has a wide range of utilities in the game ecosystem. The main function of the token is to help players progress faster in the game.

Where to get BTMG?

(1) Staking will allow NFT and token holders to earn BTMG rewards. The staking rewards for staking are much lower than the P2E rewards since we would like to encourage users to engage with our game.
(2) Leaderboard Rewards will be distributed seasonally (2-3 months) among the top performing players. 40% of the token supply is spared for this purpose. When all the token supply is spent for rewarding the players, the rewards will be supplied through the tokens spent in the game.
(3) Trading NFTs will be possible with a future update on our local NFT marketplace.

Utility Breakdown

There are 7 use cases for BTMG:
(1) Season Pass is one of the ways players can earn rewards in the game. The pass has two tiers; free and paid. The rewards in the tier are getting unlocked as players level up their profile by fusing cards and upgrading their decks. In other words, the rewards are unlocked only for those investing their in-game earnings into their deck. Paid tier will have better rewards than free tier since players will need to spend $BTMG to unlock these rewards.
Season Pass
(2) XP Pass is another utility for BTMG which will speed up the process of levelling up. This is done by having %20 more experience reward every time the players fuse cards. Having a higher level profile unlocks many additional benefits such as better lootbox rewards, season pass rewards and stronger towers in the game.
XP Pass
(3) Speed-ups are used when unlocking lootboxes. Lootboxes may take 12 to 24h before they can be looted for rewards, and there could be a maximum of 5 lootboxes stored in players inventory. Thus, the rewards and in-game progress is limited by time constraints. Players who wish to speed up this process can spend BTMG to unlock lootboxes immediately.
(4) Buying NFTs will become possible with a future update of the game. This update will allow players to exchange their in-game earnings on a local marketplace with our main token $BTMG.
(5) Guild Creation will allow players to form up guilds and compete against others for various rewards. These guilds can only be created by NFT holders who can afford to spend BTMG. The size of the guilds will also be determined by the amount of BTMG spent.
(6) Slot Expansion is a critical feature of the game. It exponentially increases the rewards of the players. There are 4 types of slots: lootbox slots, inventory slots, deck slots and consumable item slots. Lootbox slots are the most important feature of all. Each account unlock a maximum number of 5 lootbox slots. These slots will be filled by a lootbox after winning a match in PvP, and stay occupied by that lootbox until it is unlocked (12 to 24h). Having more slots means that the player can have unlock more lootboxes each day which translates to more cards and tokens. A fresh account will start with a single unlocked slot and each slot will require an increasing amount of tokens to unlock.
Lootbox Slots
(7) Cosmetics are for those who like the RPG elements and their appearance in the game. Players will be given options to buy limited amount of cosmetic skins to change the appearance of their avatars, towers, troops, buildings and spells.
*Outside the game ecosystem, we are also planning to list the BTMG in central exchanges and offer staking incentives for deeper liquidity.